Taiwan Revisited

June 22, 2011

Taiwan blew away my expectations. I loved it because of the friendliness and courtesy of the people, the smells and bustle of the markets, and the beauty of its misty, verdant mountains. The time leading up to the trip blew by and the time in Taiwan even more so. A twenty-two hour flight could not deter me from going back again, and I very well might.

While my attention is currently directed towards my school and job, I find myself thinking about the trip as well as all the other international adventures I have had. I look back on those hot days of dragging luggage and wearing business suits in 85+ degree weather with humidity you could slice through and I really couldn’t have been happier. I’m not much for showing emotion but sometimes on the trip, when no one was looking of course, a smile would appear on my face. Taiwan had a way of eliciting emotion out of me like that and for a stoic Irishman that’s saying something.

To anyone reading this who is considering going on a study abroad trip I would say this, you are going to regret it if you don’t. I had friends who didn’t go on this trip who regretted it. I had friends who didn’t go on our senior class trip to Europe who regretted it. Travelling in a foreign country with your classmates and friends can never be a bad thing. At times you may grow tired of each other, at times you may be tired to the point of collapse, and at times you may feel you can’t eat another bite of foreign food without throwing up but those moments quickly fade and the experience as a whole will be remembered as one of the best times of you life.

I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice Professor Peng took in making this trip possible. Without him this trip would have never happened. Thank you very much.


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