Jade Yachts

May 11, 2011

Walking through the blue collar city of Kaohsiung, one would not think that some of the world’s nicest yachts are created right within its harbours. Jade Yachts was established in 2004 with the idea that it could design and build high quality yachts more efficiently and cheaper than its competitors. The founder’s son, Memphis Han gave us a short history of the company and a story about his hunting goats on an island. The goat story was more or less a parable for how to be successful in business. Find the goat, plan the approach and catch, and then seize the goat and don’t let go. And we shouldn’t kill the goat right away. We have to think long term so we allow it to breed before we kill it. Very macabre outlook but it makes sense to me.

Jade Yachts has several ship yards and we were able to tour one of them. Ginormous is the only word I can think to describe the facility. A two hundred foot yacht was being built within one building. Oddly, no one was wearing hard hats and a craftsman had better take his shoes off before finishing work on the interior of one of these vessels.

The tour gave me a better knowledge of what is all involved with project management. A yacht normally takes two years for the entire construction project to be completed. A lot of parts have to be ordered, manufactured, and assembled and all of these actions need to take place at specific times. All of the hard work is shown in the price tag; A Jade Yacht could easily sell for $40 million.


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