University Visits

May 9, 2011

We have visited several colleges and universities on this trip, all of them with different strengths, appeal, architecture, and histories. We first visited a university in Danshui. There we attended an International Finance class where we broke into groups and discussed various questions dealing with “Interest Rate Parity” and international lending. One member of each group was supposed to give the groups’ answer and for some reason my group picked me. Do you know anything about interest rate parity? Me neither but I gave it my best shot. The class seemed to like it because I got applause afterwards. Bonus. Afterwards we went out into “Old Street” and toured the shops. That story was told in a previous post.

We visited Taiwan Normal University. The school of business is just getting its feet on the ground. We sat in on an “ingredients marketing” class and there the teacher encouraged our class to get involved and answer the case questions. Obviously, we had not read the case but that didn’t stop us from fabricating an answer. The trick is to use enough business jargon so people think you obviously know what you’re talking about so they will not question you. For example, pepper your conversation with terms such as “synergy,” “P&L,” “revenue stream,” “My broker…” “My Uncle…” or “transnational hedging.” You sound smart already! Also, I just came up with that last term but you would have never known!

 We were greeted with songs, food, and even leis at Asian University. And they hadn’t even heard us sing yet. We did not participate in a class at this university but we did revert to our childhood as we painted a traditional Taiwanese play-toy: the top! College is wonderful in Taiwan.

Lastly, we visited Professor Peng’s Alma Mater, Tunghai University. Dr. Peng said it was the most beautiful campus in the world. I will admit that it was a very nice looking campus. An American ex-pat gave us a history of Taiwan and an economics teacher presented a case on Taiwanese GDP and growth rates. Afterwards we went to the dairy store that was owned and operated by the campus. I think they raised the cows that produced the milk but don’t quote me on that. This is the university where I bought my first calligraphy pen and paper so I could start writing Mandarin.


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