Taiwanese Whiskey

May 9, 2011

Until a few years ago, Taiwan was without a legitimate whiskey distillery. Civilized culture my eye.

Then the King Car group decided to venture into a liquor business. King Car is a conglomerate responsible for producing pesticides, pet food, pharmaceutical drugs, coffee, water, and sports drinks, as well as providing transportation logistics. It’s scary think how much power one company can have. As for the actually distillery, the site was very clean and professional looking. It even had a luxurious conference center, replete with western architecture and a cavernous, marbled entryway.

Ka Va Lan’s (the brand of Whiskey King Car makes) main target market is a wealthier, more sophisticated crowd and it showed both in the atmosphere of the distillery and the price per bottle (starting at around $50). And thanks to a beverage management class in college I was able to hold a decent conversation with the manager about various whiskeys and the distillation process.


One Response to “Taiwanese Whiskey”

  1. auntiem Says:

    Uncle Larry and I are still enjoying reading about your journey! We see that you try to learn as much as you can with every “visit” to another place. What a great opportunity for you!!! Seems you are thoroughly enjoying yourself!

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