American Influences

May 3, 2011

Taiwan has a lot of American influences. American movies, music, brands, all of these things can be found here. Not only is McDonald’s here, it’s trademark slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” remains in English on Taiwanese TV.

Teriyaki Chicken?

There are little variations here and there. When Starbucks came to Asia, it developed the Green Tea Frappucino.

Thank goodness I can get a Java Chip thousands of miles from home

One can order fried, bone-in chicken at McDonald’s as well as several other chicken sandwiches that can’t be found in the States. Subway remains the same though. Whenever I turn on ESPN, you can almost be sure the New York Yankees will be playing.

And the movie trailers for “Thor” and “Fast Five” play on a loop in the train station.


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