Our 12 Course Meal

May 1, 2011

Taishan is a suburb outside of Taipei and was a manufacturing town for Mattel’s Barbie for 20 years from the 1960s-1980s. Mattel left Taishan because of cost concerns but Taishan is still a Barbie town. I will post more about our visit to the Mei-Ning workshop which is a Barbie clothing designer. This was the meal we had with several members of the Mei-Ning workshop.

As far as meal experiences go, this was definitely one of the best I’ve had. In Taiwan, as Professor Peng said, meals are served in courses and boy do they keep coming.

This menu wasn't for choosing, it was a gameplan.

There were some things we liked and some things we didn’t like as much. But overall, it was still a great meal.


2 Responses to “Our 12 Course Meal”

  1. dulcimertwin@gmail.com Says:

    I truly admire you for trying all those impressive foods. You are eating your way through Taiwan, aren’t you?

  2. Jan Schwerin Says:

    Sure would love to try some authentic Miso soup. I make it but I bet it is better over there. You are very brave for trying some of that food. I sure looks good.

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