Taiwan Bullet Train

April 29, 2011

We rode the Taiwan Bullet Train and the ride was as smooth as velvet underpants. We’re a bit handicapped though because of our luggage. We carry it around like a scarlet letter upon our chests for sins committed somewhere in our pasts. The incessant, cruel rhythm of tiny suitcase wheels tripping along over breaks in the tile floor serves as a constant reminder that we are indeed tourists. Dick Cheney never came up with a torture as cruel as the roller bag. We have had to drag them through airports, train stations, subway cars, food courts, and finally over the sidewalks of a muggy, muggy city. My hands were chapped, raw, and in desperate need of some cocoa butter.

I don’t mean to complain though. The luggage is a small price to pay for the experience we are gaining.

At the train station. Ooo la la

I was going to add a video I made of the Bullet Train but the clowns at WordPress want me to pay $60 a year for privilege of posting videos. I’m not going to give them the pleasure so here’s a shot of our waiting for the train!


One Response to “Taiwan Bullet Train”

  1. juneyajune Says:

    I didn’t know that wordpress charged $60 for video uploading! If you have a youtube account, you could upload the video there and then post it on your blog. That’s what I’ve done in the past.

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