Food! Spicy Food!

April 29, 2011

We woke up this morning with sand in our eyes and a grumble in our stomachs so we headed down to the mess hall. It was a sleek operation complete with juice, toast, chaffing dishes, and spicy chicken. That’s right, chicken stir fry for breakfast. There was an array of condiments, none of which I could give you a proper name for. There was a black, pickle-like condiment I could only describe as a black olive / cornichon hybrid. Not quite my favorite but I was willing to give it a try. There was also a stringy substance that tasted of cherries and ginger and had the consistency of gummy worms. They also had your usual breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, muffins, fruit, and some of the blackest coffee I’ve ever tasted. Also, a European influence made it’s way onto the table: bologna!

Clockwise from the top (I'll give you my attempt at descriptions): Cherry-ginger, gummy stuff; Spicy, braised root veggie; Chicken stirfry; Buttery broccoli; Pineapple; Ginger something; and in the middle is plain ol' b*o*l*o*g*n*a. This is the type of meal that makes you grow hair in places it shouldn't be growing.

After Breakfast Snack: Fruit, sponge cake, and coffee strong enough to propel a small rocket.


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