Let me start from the beginning

April 28, 2011

So far it has been an experience. My parents and I left out home at 6:15 am on Wednesday and headed for DTW. We arrived at Detroit Metro at 8 and I was past security and bag check in five minutes. It was by far the fastest check in I have ever gone through.

I get on the plane to Chicago and no hiccups there. We land in ORD and everything was fine until I was in line and ready to board when the announcer got on the loudspeaker and informed us that a flight attendant’s family member had died and so he had to leave right away. This meant we had to wait 1.5 hours for another flight attendant to fill in for him. That meant we had a VERY short layover in Tokyo. Basically we got off the plane in Tokyo went through another security check  very quickly and walked straight on to the plane for Taipei. So much for eating airport sushi in Tokyo :/

What a Buzzkill

And I really wanted to unpack my RC Racer...

The plane ride from Chicago to Tokyo was loooong. It was 12 hours and some change. However, because Japan has been experiencing the earthquakes there were somewhere in the ballpark of 100 empty seats. So my friend and I got 4 seats to ourselves. Other passengers had four seats to themselves and used them as a makeshift bed. For a short duration of the trip I was sprawled out on three seats myself. We got 3 meals. Two of which I have pictures. They actually served us ramen noodles or some sort of variation thereof. The stewardess came by with hot water and everything. Odd.

Our between-meal snack

So, when I’m a parent the last thing I want to do is take my 18 month old on a 12 hour flight. But that’s just what a lot of people did. One kid would start screaming and the others wanted to join in the fun. It was like dogs howling at the moon. And they were on all sides of me so I was receiving all of this in stereo. I mean seriously folks, they handed out free shots of liquor on the plane.You need to lace junior’s formula with some Dewars and put an end to the misery.


This is how everyone should fly

 We then quickly boarded the plane to Taiwan. This was only a 3 and a half hour flight. In all, we were travelling for approximately 23 hours. I got a little sleep on the plane which is why I am restless and writing this at midnight, drinking a Taiwanese beer, eating Lay’s Kyushu Seaweed potato chips, and watching some Taiwanese crime film on the television. Thank you Seven Eleven for the snacks. Also, I found a new flavor of Eclipse mints (if you haven’t tried Eclipse mints, you are missing out). I can’t quite put a finger on what they taste like. My best guess is lemon, green tea, and ear wax.

Who knew they would taste soooo good

So, in short, it’s been great so far. We are in a decent hotel room for the night. I’m really looking forward to the food on this trip but that goes without saying. I will be uploading a lot of pictures of food as I go. Wait, wait, cute Asian girls on the TV. Ok, commercial is over. Boy, SunChips don’t look that good in the States.

I’ll keep you all abreast of my activities.


8 Responses to “Let me start from the beginning”

  1. Mike Stickler Says:

    Can’t wait to read more and follow along on your journey.

  2. Dion Boose Says:

    Crazy long day! looking forward to rocking out this trip with you buddy!

  3. Jan Schwerin Says:

    Hi Sean: Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. Have a wonderful time. Love you

  4. dulcimertwin@gmail.com Says:

    Sean, enjoy yourself and I as well am looking forward to sharing your journey through your blog.

  5. dulcimertwin@gmail.com Says:

    Sean, can we Skype tonight? Hope you’re having a fantastic time!

  6. Auntiem Says:

    Just started reading your blog. In ST. Louis and Christine & I are at a Starbucks. No router at Karen & keith’s. Having great time. Uncle larry doing well at home. Take care, have fun, enjoy!

  7. kim Says:

    Wow! You guys are going to have a great time! This is an experience of a life time. Hope you and Dion don’t have weak stomachs. lol Put tissue in your backpack!! lol lol

  8. Chris O'morrow Says:

    Hi Sean, I changed my reply name.

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